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Solving diesel engine overspeed/runaways with our safe controlled shutdown...EVERYTIME!

Air Assassin Advantage (SAFETY FIRST)

Air Assassin Valves Inc. has designed the industries first and only interchangeable activation mode positive air shutoff systems. We have made it our objective for our positive air shutoff systems to exceed all expectations in quality, ease of installation, style and functionality. Our valves are designed for use in the harshest environments. Bring on the -40°C our valves are designed for it!

The safest most reliable Positive Air Shutoff System on the market Since 2008

Air Assassin Valves “INTERCHANGEABLE ACTUATION BRACKETS”  No need to ever purchase another valve style if your “on site” requirements change.  Simply remove the four screws connecting the current actuation bracket to the valve and attach new actuation style adapter bracket.  Switch from manual/electric/pneumatic or automatic with our quick activation bracket change set up.

Air Assassin Valves “CONTROLLED SHUTDOWN” is the industries only positive air shutoff that does not eliminate 100% of the air on instant impact.  Air Assassin’s controlled shut down of the air entering your engine is much safer on your engines than conventional positive air shutoff valves that can cause turbo seals to blow and turbo fan blades to bend.

Air Assassin Valves “IP67 DUST AND WATER RATED CONTROLS” stand up to today’s rigorous environments with IP67 dust and water rated components.

Why Do you require an Air Assassin Positive Air Shutoff System?

Oil and Gas production, petrochemical processing, refining, and mining are all industries where many flammable hydrocarbons are present in an environment where diesel engines are operating. This is a perfect storm to create a situation knows as the Diesel Runaway. This occurs when external airborne hydrocarbons (created from gas pocket vents, fuel leaks, atomized oil spray etc.) enter the air intake system of a diesel engine and create an uncontrollable combustion. The diesel engine may experience an over speed condition leading to catastrophic engine failure or backfire. The situation of airborne hydrocarbons has been known to also cause ignition of the local atmosphere causing potentially deadly explosions. 

The worldwide oil and gas industry has seen hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries related to diesel engine over speed events. The same industry has also lost millions of dollars in damaged equipment and infrastructure. This is all preventable with a Positive Air Shutoff from Air Assassin.

The Air Assassin Positive Air Shutoff Valve will safely “ASSASSINATE” the air entering combustion in the industries only CONTROLLED shutdown protection for your crew and your assets!

Key Features

  • Interchangeable actuation brackets! No need to ever purchase another valve if actuation requirements change. One Valve 4 different actuation styles. One valve body can be interchanged with manual, pneumatic, 24v/12v electric toggle switch and automatic rev triggered configurations with the use of our interchangeable quick change brackets.
  • Lean and clean design to fit in all tight areas.
  • Built from military grade Canadian aluminum making for light weight but extremely strong and durable quality.
  • MADE IN ALBERTA/CANADA machined to a tolerance within 0.0005inches (approx. splitting of a single hair 6 times).
  • High tolerance allows for “NO” rubber seals that will break down and dry out. Rubber seals present a risk of eventual catastrophic engine failure when complete breakdown of seals occur resulting in worn seals being drawn/sucked into the engine.
  • No internal screws used on the inside of the valve. Air Assassin Valves use engineered “disc shaft” technology to eliminate the need to attach the inner disc to the valve shaft with dangerous internal screws. Air Assassin Valves have ZERO parts on the inside of the valve that overtime can loosen and be inhaled into the engine causing complete catastrophic engine failure!
  • Anodized to protect from corrosion and to not allow foreign substances to stick to the body of the valve.
  • IP67 weatherproof rated electrical connectors (Deutsch Terminals).
  • All of our valves have manual re-set action even if they are pneumatic or electric to ensure the valve can be tripped by users at any time they deem necessary.
  • Installs can be very lengthy with other makes of Positive Air Shutoff Valves. Air Assassins 3rd generation Valve design has gone to great lengths to provide a valve that is installer friendly for extremely efficient install times.
  • Internal Sealed bearings allow shaft/disc to shut with minimal friction
  • Manual Trip arms are installed directly to our electric Solenoid for the ability to manual trigger the Air Assassin Valve in case of power failure and to provide multiple choices of protection in time of need.
  • Perfect 90-degree disc placement allows OEM air flow to not be hampered
  • 5 year parts replacement warranty (Industries BEST WARRANTY)!

View Air Assassin Positive Air Shutoff​ products in 360

Manual/Cable Activated/Valve Reset (Horizontal Spin)

Manual/Cable Activated/Valve Reset (Vertical Spin)

Manual/Cable Activated/Cable Reset

Electric 12v Toggle Switch Activated/Valve Re-Set

Pneumatic Activation/Valve Re-set

Automatic 12v and 24v/RPM Set Activation Limit/Cable Re-Set

Automatic 12v and 24v/RPM Set Activation Limit/Valve Re-Set

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